Lowest prices for food and drink.

Amen is a marketplace app to sell and buy food for the lowest prices.

Coming soon to 7.7B people
About Amen

Amen's mission is to provide lowest prices for food and drink.

Amen invents patent-pending pricing technologies to price time slots. Our pricing technologies will identify busy and non-busy time slots. Once we identified non-busy time slots, we will determine the lowest prices for food and drink to set so consumers can benefit immensely. Think of Amen as happy hours in hyper drive.

The people need your help

Become a Market Maker

A Market Maker is a person who builds his or her people into his or her own marketplace using his or her phone to make money everyday. Amen is looking for 7.7M people to become Market Makers to bring in 7.7B people into their marketplace so the people can benefit from the world's lowest prices on Amen app.


Market Makers create the new economy

Market Makers will lead this new revolution by building their own marketplace. Along the way, not only Market Makers amass enormous amount of wealth for themselves, they get to share to consumers when to buy lowest prices for food and drink. Preorder your Market Maker membership today and join the revolution to build your legacy!

Pricing Plan

Preorder Market Maker Membership

Amen app available January 1, 2019


  • Build your own marketplace
  • Make up to 50% of Amen's cut
  • Invite friends tool
  • Commission to setup seller
  • Weekly bonus to setup seller
  • No border restriction to make money
  • No background check
  • Cash out to your bank or in cash in 5-7 business days
  • Daily $0.42 FREE MONEY for 365 days
$199 / Year


  • Everything in yearly plus these:
  • Daily $1.07 FREE MONEY for 1,095 days
  • Never lose your people due to subscription renewal
  • New person offer not from your effort
  • Get paid if your people leave you as their maker
$999 / Lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Amen Market Maker?

Amen Market Maker is a person who uses his or her Amen app to build people into his or her marketplace to make money everyday.

Are there requirements to become an Amen Market Maker?

No. You can be a citizen of any country and be any age above 14 to become an Amen Market Maker.

How do I make money?

For every transaction, you will get 80% of 50% of Amen's cut if your buyer is involved, you will get 20% of 50% of Amen's cut if your seller is involved, and you will get 100% of 50% of Amen's cut if your buyer and your seller are involved. For example, if your buyer buys a $10 Chicken Fried Rice from your seller on Amen app and Amen makes $3.00 after paying your seller $7.00, you will receive $1.20 (attributed to your buyer) plus $0.30 (attributed to your seller) giving you a total earning of $1.50 for this transaction. For every seller you help setup receiving their first 5 orders, you will get $50.00. In a week, if you get 10 sellers, each with first 5 orders, you will get an additional $500 bonus. You will receive $0.42 daily FREE MONEY in your Amen Buy ledger for 365 days if you have a yearly membership, and you will receive $1.07 daily FREE MONEY in your Amen Buy ledger for 1,095 days if you have lifetime membership. From the compensation we outlined, if you have 1,000 people (buyers and sellers) in your marketplace, you will average $1,957.69 weekly income.

How much money will I make?

Treat being an Amen Market Maker like a $2M investment giving you $70,000 a year. But instead of putting $2M in an investment vehicle, which you do not have, you buy Amen Market Maker membership and leverage 1,000 people's spend to make you an income. If you have 1,000 people in your marketplace, each person spends an average of $1.20 a day on food, you can expect to make $70,000 every year.

How do you get your price so low?

We make money on busy time slots to subsidize price for non-busy time slots.

How do I get my money?

You cash out from your Amen Cash ledger in your Amen app. Minimum $50.00 and maximum $2,000 to cash out. Cash out takes 5-7 business days for you to receive your money in your bank account.

How do I get started?

Preorder your Amen Market Maker Membership, preferably lifetime membership. On May 24, 2018, we will send you a link to download our app so you can get started.

Are there border restriction?

No. You can live anywhere and become a market maker. You can build people anywhere to be part of your marketplace.